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Help!! Oval Turnings (Long)

Tim Grenville-Cleave
>Help/Advice needed,
Everything I turn seems to end up Oval. Wet or Seasoned, Bowl or pen. Shaft has 0.0001 runout at the register, bearings are good. In fact headstock has just been stripped and rebuilt for drive ratio upgrade. It was tested on a lathe bed at the works and passed. I fit it onto mine and Hmmmm nice ovals again :( I have carried out the 'Kiss Test' no probs there. I can turn ovals between centres, on a screw chuck and using assorted internal and external dovetail and non-dovetail jaws on the Axminster Precision chuck. I can even drill off centre holes in all sorts of wonderful things.

If I could get a better finish on all this wood I could make a fortune selling oval and off centre stuff, but it would be nice to make a bowl that was 'square' so to speak every so often. Also all this wasted wood is no good to me I don't have solid fuel heating. Any Ideas ... Please.


ps Oh try and keep your answers simple I am not a natural engineer.

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