Turning Archive 2004

Grinding/Sharpening Help?

>Gents, as you know I just started turning. Well, tonight, I just started sharpening and I am all screwed up. Let me split this into two categories.

Category "A": The two gauges. One Glazer with that swept back, choked down grind. The other a Henry Taylor with the more open grind. I THINK (emphasis on ignorance) that using the wolverine jig I'm getting good profile. Aka, a hollow grind and no "facets". I'm using the 60gr Alox (grey), and the white alox wheel that came with the grinder. Now, both tools came obviously honed (bright and shiny for a mm on edge and heel). I can't for the life of me get that hone back. I just spent an hour with a little translucent arky slip going "scrubba scrubba". No love. So first question: how to get that edge truly honed? I tried, by the way, turning as is. The edge I get off the grinder is far inferior to the honed edge--and get useless much more quickly.

Category "B": The fat butt glazer roughing gouge. This is a fingernail grind, but is WAY too fat to fit in the wolverine jig. A desperate, frustrating half hour on the grinder, and the original grind is all screwed up. And, I managed to get a belly in it. Anyone care to school me on grinding this thing free hand?

Grinder questions: I have the wheel recommended by Jerry Glaser (5sg46). I can't mount it because the hole in the middle is too big. I knew this, so I got bushings. The bushings don't quite fit, so evidently I need new bushings. But bushings seem only to be sold in 1" widths, meaning the clamp plates won't clamp. Anywhere to find a good selection of bushings?

Also, as regards truing the face, I bougth one of those diamond impregnated block on a stick things. It knocked the eccentricty out of the wheel alright, but left some pretty deep tracks in the wheels. Problem or not?

Lastly, I hooked a muslin wheel to the grinder to try to do with the wheel what i couldn't do with the stones. All I did was end up putting a rounded edge on the back side making the unhoned blade just plain dull. What's the right way to use these "strops"?

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