Turning Archive 2004

Kelton Follow-Up *LINK*

Barbara Gill, Remlik Virginia
>Last week I posted a question about adapting the Kelton rig to accept the mini hollowers. Kel McNaughton had told me in an e-mail that they had not thought about anyone using the mini hollowers in the rig.
Ken Grunke let me know that he would fabricate an adapter for me. Since I am not into metal work, I took him up on the offer.
The adapter fits into the 1/2" end of the rig. The 5/16" mini tool slides into the sleeve and then the whole thing is tightened with the set screws.
I tried out the fit this afternoon and it works like a charm. Tomorrow I hope to give the mini tools a try in the rig.
Ken makes other adapters also. Check out his website.

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