Turning Archive 2004

Maple Bowl

>Good Afternoon Everybody,

This is a bowl that I struggled with and perhaps should have let it go. When I took my class at Arrowmont one of the things my instructor, Mic O'Donnell, suggested to us was that if we are turning a piece and the wood is just not cooperating or you've just got a bowl that's going no where....take it off the lathe, go to the bandsaw and cut it in half. He says if you don't get rid of it and get it out of your mind you can't move on to the next piece. you'll think about it laying on the floor,on the shelf or in the firewood pile and it will distract you from moving on. Well....this bowl gave me fits like you wouldn't believe. I tried a new "quick drying" method of soaking the wet rough turned bowl in alcohol and it still didn't cooperate. When I returned it to the lathe to finish it I got the outside trued up but the inside was all over the place and I gave up....sort of...instead of tossing it on the firewood pile I decided to go at the inside with a carbide grinding bit in my Dremel.....after that I loaded it up with India Ink.....this is what I had left. I still set it aside until I had a few people see it laying in the shop and telling me that they really like it....so I buffed it up and here it is. I'm still not sure about it. I do like the contrast of the outside and the inside....just not sure if I should have taken it to the bandsaw like Mr. O'Donnell suggested?

Thanks for taking a peek. I need to re-shoot these pics because I can see where I need to remove buffing wheel fuzz on the rim. Ooops! Critiques welcome!


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