Turning Archive 2004

P & N Spindle Gouge

Scott Greaves, Blackfoot Idaho
>Hi Everybody!

I was visiting my local Woodcraft store (only four hours away) last week, and noticed they are now selling the P & N line of tools. I have wanted one of their roughing gouges, but the price was a bit steep for a casual purchase. But the little spindle gouge was in the right range, and looked very interesting, so I bought it.

I had today off, so I took it to the shop and mounted a handle on it. I sharpened it up, leaving the same profile it came with, and gave it a try on some pen blanks. It seemed to work nicely.

The tip profile was quite pointy compared with how I usually grind my spindle gouges. I didn't try any beads or coves with it, since that's not the design I wanted on these pens. But just taking the wood down to size and for initial shaping, this gouge worked well.

After I have used it some more I'll check back in with a better review. Does anybody have a better (cheaper) source for these tools?


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