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Lathe table

Don Henthorn Smithville, Texas
>I posted this on the wrong forum so here we go again. Not earth shaking anyway. I am kind of ashamed to post this pic after all of the nice pics of lathe tables that have been posted lately. However my excuse is that this is only a temporary solution until my house sells and I am moved. I wanted a portable unit that could be rolled out into the yard when I need to sand or finish something. With my dust and chip collector gone I hate to have to clean up dust in the former shop.

The 2" X 4" frame is screwed together and the wheels were cut out of junk plywood on the scroll saw and mounted on all thread. I just had to buy nuts and washers for the all thread.

The piece on the lathe is supposed to be my first attempt at hollow turning, but I have discovered I need a different tool for the hollowing. The 1/2" round nose scraper just doesn't cut it (pun intended).

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