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Ambrosia Sycamore Bowls

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>Back in March, Terry Daniel visited my club for a demo. He brought with him some beautiful slabs of Ambrosia Sycamore (until that time, I only thought Maple was attacked by the Ambrosia Beetle). I bought one, and was able to cut 3 16" disks out of the 3" thick slab.

There are two of the resulting three shallow bowls. I tend to think of these as Fruit bowls. After drying for the last 6 months in our Alabama heat, the had distored quite a bitm but there was not cracking. They re-rounded to 14.5 inches. The wood was pretty good to turn, though there was some endgrain tearout that resisted sheer scraping and had to be sanded out. Both bowls are in the 1/4" thick range, though one has a thinner, more delecate rim.

BTW, in my opinion, the side pictures make the form look a little dumpy - they actually have a fair amount of lift in the look in real life.

Please forgive the poor side view pictures.

Thanks for the great wood Terry.

As always, instructive/constructive critique is welcome.


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