Turning Archive 2004

Sapwood in design over time

Dave MacLuskie
>I just picked up a pickup truck full of fresh cut (today) black walnut. Some of these are branch sections and have a fairly large amount of sap wood. Others I have more heartwood to play with.

I suspect the opinions on including the white sapwood vs only using the dark heartwood of walnut vary from person to person, but is there an issue with the different wood types aging differently over time -- enough to affect a bowl/vase/form? Does it darken, soften, separate, etc?

I plan on roughting these while they're wet, and packing them away, then pull them out one at a time over the next year or so.

If it matters, I have a mid sized lathe (jet 1236) so my bowls are usually in the 5-9 inch diameter range, and seem to average about 3-5 inches deep.

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