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Sumac attack

>I had asked about sumac here a while back, this'll show why, lol!!

Here's a sumac tree, this one I watched grow from a pup, since '87 in fact. It has been beheaded 3 times since then. Not because I was setting it up to make bowl blanks, more because I like the tree. Now back then my FIL warned me about that tree taking over via the roots, it is a weed tree, but it's in a rock pocket and those roots can't really get out without me seeing them. Seeds are another story, so each time it went to seed it got wacked and here it is today waiting on another beheading


Theres lotsa crotchs in that bole area, which I'm gonna leave for now cause the leaders will give me plenty of sumac to digest for a while


Usually sumacs don't make much size but the bole here is a solid 20". Gotta be some nice figure in there me hopes.


There's a bunch of fairly small crotchs in the leaders, hopefully they will give me(or tease me)a preview into what to expect. Btw the second topping of this tree, produced some fine framework for a backyard teepee!!!

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Sumac attack
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