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Problems with displaying in direct sunlight?

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>Hi folks,

Besides turning 41 on Sunday, and getting a visit from my buddy Bill Grumbine (who delivered my 8" jointer!), I met with the owners of a Gallery in New Hope PA. They want to put several of my larger pieces on display there.

We spoke about how I'd like to display them. At first, they wanted to take advantage of the deep window sills they have and display my work there. I cautioned them that some species of wood will undergo a color change if exposed to direct sunlight. I.E.: Box Elder's color fading, and cherry's deepening (I personally love the color of aged cherry).

I suggested placing them on shelves at eye level and arranged at various locations around the gallery. But I was wondering about the direct sunlight issue.

Should there be a caution not to have any turnings displayed in direct sunlight? (Other than Box Elder's color fading issue). All have been turned from dry wood. So the chances of them splitting should be slim. Correct?

I'd really like to hear your input on this one.

See ya around,

My ugly mug


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