Turning Archive 2004

Just a thought about the turning form

Dave Peebles Lyons, Ohio!
>Hello everyone,

I have been as busy as I can be lately. We are trying to start a new woodturning club in my area, and I have been working hard on that. I also have a nice gallery show that will begin at the end of the month. So I am going crazy trying to get everything ready for that.

But my main thought is how much this forum has grown over the past few months. I remember back in the old days, if there were 10 messages posted in one day.. it was a good day :) My... how things have changed. It seems that lately, we have almost as many messages posted here as on the flat side.

I would like to thank all of you who have been posting the wonderful pictures here recently. I will not name names.. for fear of forgeting someone. But the quality of work posted here is really quite amazing!!

I usually check out the forum late at night, and don't always post a response, but I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to show us all of the great work.

It is still my favorite place to go.

Thanks and best wishes,

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