Turning Archive 2004

Questions: skews and gouges

>Gents, while turning the mallet below I ran into two problems.

First, I couldn't use the skew for anything. As soon as I got it anywhere near the work, it would catch and leave a big divot. Any hints?

Second, the mallet came from a pretty long blank. So, in the process of parting off I wanted to clear some room in the part zone as opposed to going all the way in and through with the diamond parting tool. At first, I tried to use the skew, but that didn't work. That left me with the gouges.

I had a HELLUVA time. They kept wanting to catch really hard on the face.

Now, on this lathe the "rest" attaches to a standard crosslide, and actually sits about .75" below centerline. Could this be the problem?

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