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tenon length to hold bowl?

Ken Platt (Granby, CT)
>Folks -

As a newbie bowl turner, I'm wondering if there are any rules of thumb to tell me how long a tenon I need to hold any particular size bowl in my Oneway scroll chuck (the original model, not the Talon if that matters)on my Jet 1236 lathe.

In the half-dozen or so bowls I've made so far I made a dovetail recess to hold the bottom while turning the top. I wasn't happy with that approach on my last piece and wanted to try a tenon and holding using the chuck in compression mode.

The current bowl blank is about 8" diameter and 3" thick; the one after that is 12" diameter and not quite 2" thick. I'm not sure of the wood type for the first one (log found at town dump), but the second one is boxelder.

So, what size tenons would you use for these bowls to hold them, taking into account a newbie's tendency to have catches?

Thanks for all thoughts on this.


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