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Raymond Overman
>Well, I hit the lottery today in SC. A down the street neighbor took down a nice size pecan tree and called me this morning to tell me I could get what I wanted of it. Most of the tree was sound and about 20-24 inches at the base. It had two 12-14 inch limbs off a crotch about 10 feet off the ground.

I got a small load (can't get much in a Jeep Wrangler) to bring home and cut into slab for turning stock. I plan on going back tomorrow for another load since they told me they were going to keep the bulk of it for firewood.

My question is, will it be better to cut it into slab or leave it whole rounds if I wanted to apply my compost pile to it for a while to possibly get some spalt? How long should I let it stew in the compost? This is very green wood and looked to be a fairly healthy tree.

Thanks for any advice.

Raymond Overman

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