Turning Archive 2004

Outta here - for now...

Jim DeLaney, Tustin, CA
>Well, it's time to move, and the computers are getting packed later today, so I'll be off-line for the next several weeks.

The big move to Ohio looms large - the movers are packing us up on Monday, and we'll be starting the drive to Austintown, OH early Tuesday morning.

Allied says it will be 10 - 16 days for the stuff to get there, and it'll probably be at least a week after that before I'll be back online.

Shop-wise, I'm moving from a shared (with washer, dryer, freezer, water heater, etc.) two-car garage to a separate 26' X 36' building with 100 amp service and a gas line already installed. I will have to install a furnace in it, though. I also plan to install a 'lean-to' shed on the back of it to house my air compressor and dust collector.

This is total retirement (at age 59) for both Mida and me, and we're really looking forward to it!

Wish us luck!

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