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Number 8, I think (PIC)

Mike Schwing from Md.
>I think (hope) this finishes my Christmas gift list up, lets see, mom/dad, 2 brothers, 3 brother/siste in-laws, and a mother/father-in-law. Wait, thats only 7! Whatever.

I cheated and gave this cherry bowl a suntan by sitting it outside on a glorious afternoon. Amazing how just a few hours in the sunshine affects cherry.

Repair accomplished via multiple layers of fine glitter and thick and thin CA. Looks better in person than in the close up, and it has really nice "depth" to it.

About 12" in diameter, profile is nothing special, just a round bowl. Maybe too thin for salad use, but pretty nonetheless. Multiple coats of Waterlox and then rubbed out by hand, no buffing wheels.

Comments welcomed. I'm off for the beach after pressing "Post". Last triathlon of the year.

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Number 8, I think (PIC)
Re: Number 8, I think (PIC)
I see no picture : ( *NM*
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