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Dividing plate for drilling, routing, etc.

Fred in NC
>I just talked to a machinist. He can make a 6" dividing plate out of 3/16" inch steel, precision drilled with 24 holes (15 degrees) on a 5" circle.
The hole will be 1" to fit 1x8 spindles. The plate will fit right behind the chuck, face plate, etc.

24 hole plates are the most useful since they can be used for 4, 6, 8, and 12 sided pieces.

This is the critical part of a dividing setup. The rest, including the arm that has the detent, can be easily made with common hardware parts. It is just a swivelling arm attached to a crosspiece on the bed, like the horizontal part of the banjo.
The other end of the arm needs a pin or bolt to go in one of the holes.

Setting up for a job like this is expensive, so having several plates made at the same time will result in a much lower price per plate.

If there is enough interest I will try to get an estimate based on the number of plates that you are interested in as a group.

Production time will be about 2 weeks.

Best regards,


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