Turning Archive 2004

Oneway problems

Keith Tompkins
>I've been teaching at a school with 7 Oneway 2436 lathes. A couple of things I've noticed about these machines; I'm interested if others have noticed the same problems.

1. Speed control: the speed control knob on the articulating arm is just below the on-off swithes. It is easy to accidentally brush against the knob, which rotates extremely easily; hitting the "on" button after doing this may give you a big surprise. I recommend that students use the magnetic on-off switch instead, avoiding the problem.

The instructor machine is a 3 HP 2436. This machine, no matter where the speed control is set, has started several times at full RPM. I was warned about this from other instructors, it happened to me twice. Anyone else have this problem?

Also, the handle for adjusting the tool rest is right on the front of the banjo. This make shear scraping (Ellsworth style) with the handle held very low difficult, as it is right in the way.(My General has threaded bosses on either side)

Otherwise, these machines have worked out extremely well.Your comments are appreciated.

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