Turning Archive 2004

Opportunity Knocking In Pittsburgh

steve antonucci in NW New Jersey
>Anyone looking to upgrade their lathe to a 24" x 6' Pattern maker's Fay and Egan lathe (and within driving distance of Pittsburgh) for a very reasonable price should send an e-mail to me (see above- remove wood.)

Story is as follows: Talked to the guy, seems nice enough, just wants to get rid of it. Doesn't know much about machinery, but has bought an old building outside of Pittsburgh to act as a homeless shelter. Building is full of old tools, as it used to be a cabinet shop.

My best guess is that the lathe is 3-5 HP, with enough tooling to keep you happy. I debated buying it myself, but I can't find a way to get it back to NJ "cost effectively."

If you e-mail me privately, I'll give you the guy's number.


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