Turning Archive 2004

Jet1442 question(little long)

Dennis Taylor (Akron, Ohio)
>My lathe is now about 3 weeks old, with not a lot of usage, I had a friend down the other day that has the same lathe, and the speed change is rather hard on mine, he said very easy on his..I emailed and asked Woodcraft, they said Jet told them to have me pull the cover off, and clean the grease off..here is what I seen: the inside is covered in black dust, from the belt I have to believe, all over the inside, so I sprayed out the inside with compressed air, and ran the lathe with no change, ran the lathe and changed speeds one at a time to clean out again with air..with no change...the belt seems loose to me, I can touch side to side the belt with my fingers...and you can see the vibration in the belt with the lathe running...the problem is the speed changes in the lower speed...from a lower to higher and back down, the from about the 1100 up, seems to change easy and smooth, but going lower or from lower to upper, 2 hands to change speed...anyone else experience this?...Dennis

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