Turning Archive 2004

Photo Goat!!

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>This last weekend while at the Turning Southern Style woodturning symposium in Helen, GA, I had the good fortune to talk for about an hour with David Nittmann about my work. He strongly advised me to 1) get a website, 2) Do a brochure of my work, 3) do a Photo CD of my work, and then 4) get a packet together of the above to send to galleries willing to look at it. One of the things that he stressed was the need to engage a professional photographer with experience with photographing this sort of thing for advertising purposes.

So I am starting the Website thing this week, and I called our Art Director (Char-Broil Grills) and asked if we contracted a photographer to do our advertising. He said that we did, and that he was $100 an hour (not as bad as I though). But then he told me - "Mark, are you aware that we have our own photo studio and two really highend digial cameras?" No, I did not. He said that one of the guys that works for him, does all the preliminary setup and test shots before we bring in the hired gun to do the finals, and the retouching, and that this other guy would probably be happy to work with me, for much less, or even barter.

I am so Hyped about this!! Don't expect the stuff I post here to improve all that much though.


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