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Mulberry Natural Edged bowl *PIC*

keith zimmerman, Normal, IL
>Here is a pic of a new natural edged bowl I did last night. It is made from mulberry and is about 6" in diameter and 2-3" deep. The walls are about 1/4" thick to show the bark. The finish so far is one coat of Minwax Tung Oil Finish. It will get buffed in a couple of days on my Beall system.
This piece of mulberry shows an inclusion where mild spating has taken place. It is interesting to me that mulberry turns a lucious chocolate brown when it spalts. It is a lovely contrast to the bright yellow of the heartwood and creamy white of the sapwood. Another feature that I discovered in the grain is the flaming that appears inside the bowl.

Thanks for looking.


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Mulberry Natural Edged bowl *PIC*
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