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Jim Rutten
>Hi John,

My wife and I just got back from SWAT. While there, we went to a photography presentation by Marty Kaminsky (sp?). Great presentation. I learned more about my digital camera during that presentation than reading the entire instruction manual. Anyway, he built a photo "box" using a utility light (300 watt bulb) and stand, a tall kitchen trash bag, a piece of white poster board, and a colored piece of paper for a background. First, he cut the bottom out of the trash bag. then he put the posterboard inside the trash bag which made the trash bag taunt. Then, after setting the whole thing on its side on a small table, he taped the background to the bottom of the trash bag and draped it out the front so there was a nice curve. Finally, he put the light at the side of the trash bag that didn't have poster board on it. The trash bag provided diffusion for the light, the posterboard on the other side away from the light provided reflection. He also had other fairly inexpensive set ups but I thought this one was cool. I was wondering about your opinion (or anybody else who cares to comment).

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