Turning Archive 2004

Maple Vessel

>Hello All,

Well I'm winding down some frantic turning that I've been doing to get ready for a small show that I'm in next week. This will be my second year for this show and although I don't have as much stuff to take to the show this year I'm kind of excited to see what these new turnings will bring me.

This piece is my first hollow vessel. It's maple with a paduk collar and some texturing done with a dremel engraver. Over all I'm plesed with it but I do think that the collar is on the heavy side.
It stands about 10" tall and was finished with Velvit Oil and then buffed on the Beall wheels.
Thanks to everybody for their help with my hollowing questions. I got a ton of help from a lot of people here on the forum and I do so appreciate it. Hopefully my next vessels will improve as I climb the learning curve with them. I find them a huge challenge and you really can't beat the excitement!

Thanks for looking,

Jennifer : )

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