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Central Machinery Lathe. Help Needed!

John, NY
>Hi Guys and Gals

been around on the handtool forum for a while but real new to the turning side. Thought I was getting a good deal with a 10"x20" Central Machinery lathe @ $25 the other week. Bought sight unseen and of course turned out to be 'not a real bargain'. Broken/missing speed change mechanism and no belt. Can probably change the speed by hand but can't get away without a belt. Harbor Freight tell me the lathe was discontinued in 1999 and they no longer stock parts, go away. Any ideas where I might get a belt [if I can get a length by measuring my pulley setup]? And maybe even a manual etc...

I am only looking at making drawer knobs and the like out of the more exotic woods that I can't buy, nothing too fancy... course I haven't tried it yet and I did get hooked on this woodworking thing to start off with...



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