Turning Archive 2004

VFD and pulleys

Gary Evans, Tallassee, TN
>Hi all,

This weekend I picked up a 1.5 HP motor and VFD for my Woodfast from Don Farr who runs D.C. Industrial near Atlanta, 800-442-4973.

Only problem is that the motor shaft is too short to mount the original step pulley (not Don's fault.) I don't know too much about these issues, but it would seem that I could get by O.K. just by mounting a properly sized single pulley on the motor and lining it up with the matching pulley on the drivestock spindle since I am going to have the variable speed available from the drive. The motor is a 1725 rpm so it looks as if a 1 to 2 drive ratio would give me all the range that I would ever need, 0 to 3450 rpm.

Has anybody else run into this? Am I going to regret not sourcing a longer shaft motor and using the original step pulley?

By the way, Don is a great guy to deal with and he has access to various new and used motors and drives. As usual, I have no affiliation, etc. etc., just a good shopping experience.


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