Turning Archive 2004

Chatoyance, is that right?

Don Henthorn
>I posted a little cup pic a few days ago asking advice on additional shaping and got some good answers. I did a little additional shaping and then figured that was enough. I applied a BLO today to enhance the grain, Can't say I liked the color change, but was struck by something I rarely see. After the oil treatment, when looked at from the side the upper cup part appeared much lighter than the lower cup part. I was disappointed with this difference in color and planned to sand much of the oil off after it has had time to dry. However, as I was looking at the cup I slowly tipped it away from me and behold the upper part of the cup became as dark as the bottom. The whole cup appears afflicted this way. Depending on how one is looking at it the color changes pretty dramatically. Now my question is regarding the likelyhood of this continuing to be the case after I apply a finish to it?

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