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Bowling Ball Pen Blanks, Sanding?

Jim Shaver Oakville, Ont
>I just recieved my first bowling ball pen blanks. They look great, I rushed out to try one of them just now. I turned a crimson red one for a Partiot pen. I sanded it down to 12000 on micromesh and I noticed it looked darker than I hoped and did not have the lustre I expected (say like corion or acrylic). I had sanded at about 1100 rpm and turned it at that same speed, I micro meshed dry.

I turned the lathe up to 1800 rpm and dry sanded it again to 600 and then wet sanded through to 12000, it looks a bit better but still looked dark to me. I polished it with a swirl and haze remover and then a fine liquid polish.

Can some one comment on my process and what I should do to get that classic Bowling Ball finish I have seen on other people's work, Like Ed's (Yo Yo Spin).


Take care,

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