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Can you sell in both markets?

Ron in Drums PA
>To start off you can sell in both the high end market and the craft fair market and succeed. You just need to do things differently. I hope Bill wouldn't mind but I'm going to pick apart his post.

To start off, Bill made a great point, and I quote, "But, if I go selling pieces for $1000 or better, and then try to sell a salad bowl for $150.00, someone is going to catch me and cry foul."

Bill is in the right track again, and I quote from him, " It is sort of like paying $200.00 for a shirt with some designer's name on it vs the same shirt without the name for $10.00 at Walmart."

A solution for Bill would be for him to sign his $1000 bowls with his name and on his $150 bowls sign "Wonderful Woods".

The difference is only in perception and the price tag. I believe anyone looking to earn a living can with no problem use two different signatures.

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