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Artistic Pricing Question? OT kinda

Raymond Overman
>I've had an idea lately that I've been pondering. It has to do with pricing the items I make. The art gallery posting earlier today made me think even harder on the subject.

What's the progression path from being a woodturning hobbyist who can sell pieces at $100-$150 to a professional woodturning artist who can sell pieces at $1000+? Is anyone making their entire living out of turningm or are they starving artists?

How many pieces do you have to sell per year? My calculations say I would have to make 300 pens a month or around 600-700 bowls a year and sell them to make the average salary for Charlotte, NC of $64,000. This seems like an imposibility.

I'm not planning anytime soon to quit my job and support my family on my turnings. We like our house and eating is nice every once in a while. But I'd be interested in hearing about someone who is doing this. Heck, right now I work my regular job so that I can support my family first and my woodturning / working habit second.

Thanks for any thoughts on the subject.

Raymond Overman

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