Turning Archive 2004

New Walnut segmented bowl *PIC*

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>Here is new segmented bowl that was started on my Jet Mini, and finished on my Vega. It is 10" in diameter. Walnut w/ Maple, Ebony and Bloodwood. The only bloodwood is the layer under the veneers on the rim. There are 24 segments per ring, and each ring is 5/16" thick.

This is the first bowl that I have finished with Behlen's Stringed Instrument Lacquer. I only had to use 6 coats of lacquer - it builds much faster, and dries much faster than the Deft.

I know that I am falling into a rut with the same feather ring design all the time, but if I were famous, it would be called my Signature Style.

As always, Critiques Welcome.

My own critique? Techically (joints, etc) this is the best bowl I have ever done. However, I would not do the 5/16" rings again unless it was necessary for the design (like with the "Fire Raising" bowl) - in this case it did not add anything, and was alot more work - lots of wood wasted in the resawing. Also, between when I did the veneer on the bottom of the feature ring, and the veneer on the top of the feature ring, I bought more veneer. The new stuff was thicker. I did not see it until I was already well past it in the final turning. Got to watch that in the future. Originally the Bloodwood was the top of the bowl, but my wife felt that it was to bold a contrast the the basic Black and White motif of the rest of the bowl, so I added Veneer on the top to mute it. Not sure that the Bloodwood fits at all. I probably should have used Ebony as the top ring/rim.

This was my first use of Ebony, and it is great to turn and sand.



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