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Sycamore Burl Bowl *PIC*

Ron in Drums PA
>Sycamore Burl Bowl

10.75" x 4.25"
Behlan's Danish Oil

This was sitting on top of a dumpster of a sawyer who specializes in cutting veneers. I thought this chunk would have potential and he let me take it. The wood started out about 18" or so round but it was badly split. I hoped the inside was still good. I got luckily!

On the bandsaw I rounded the wood out to 11.5" blank to fit on my 12 swing lathe (Jet 1236). Said a prayer, then added 100# of extra weight, just in case. I rounded it out and because it was so dry let it sit in a paper bag with no wax for a month then out of the bag for another month on a work bench. The wood barely move. So this is about the biggest piece I expect to turn on this lathe.

What doesn't show up well are the little burl eyes that really makes this bowl pop out at you.

Thanks for looking and critiques welcomed

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