Turning Archive 2004

Large Segmented Shallow Bowl *PIC*

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>This is the first segmented bowl of this style that I have made. May be the last. I have always warned people starting segmented work, that the glue line is like a very thin veneer - it has thickness. Even if you have a very good, thin glue line, if you turn at a very acute angle to the glue lines between the layers, you will see it. That is the case here. It may be one that I keep here for my wife.

It is 17.5" in diameter, 2.5" deep, 3" tall with 1/4" walls. Yellowheart and Bloodwood. Because I hoped that this would be a functional bowl, I used Gorilla glue for the first time with a segmented bowl. It was not hard, but it was messy. I found that once I clamped the ring up, if I wiped the top and bottom off with Acetone, it was much cleaner. I had to make large Jumbo Jaws for my chuck, because there was no way I could flatten the rings on my sander like I normally do. Now that I have started glueing my segments all at once with large band clamps, I am much more satified with my joints, they are virtually invisable. The finish is the same as on the Box Elder bowl I already posted.

Critiques welcome.


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