Turning Archive 2004

Clarification of policy on Links to business sites

>It is time to again remind all readers of how I interpret the Wood Central "No Advertising" policy as it applies to woodturners and this forum.

A link to a business site is permitted if it is posted by a 3rd party as a source of information or recommended products. Stuart's recent posting of the link to the burl wood Website fits this definition.

Free advertising will not be allowed. This site is supported by donations from its readers and income from its advertisers and sponsors. Allowing free advertising would not be fair to either.

If the Link is posted by the owner of the Website for the sole purpose of solicitation of business or selling a specific product, that posting will be removed. After doing that, I will notify the originator, and invite them to contact Ellis about becoming a Wood Central advertiser and sponsor. We have several advertisers who came to Wood Central by this communication.

Then there is the "gray area" where the poster of the link is also a woodturner who has given us a link to their Website for the purpose of information. I try to assume their intentions are what they say. When that assumption is impossible, the message is treated as a advertisement.

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