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A "Sticky" Question

Tom in Red Deer
>Hi There,

Well, life was good until I just went to put a final waxing on the segmented bowl I am supposed to take to England tomorrow.

The polishing cloth detected a slight catch, and then another ect.

On close inpection it seems that some of the joints have moved.

This bowl was made of the same combination of wood as one I did six months ago. The segments were in fact cut from the same board at the same time.

The rings were allowed to cure for two weeks before the bowl was turned.

There are only two differences:

The six month old bowl has 1/4 in walls...the new one is 1/8"

On the six month old bowl, I used fish glue to put it together. The new bowl was done with Tite-Bond 2.

The bowl done with fish glue is still perfect...can't feel a joint anywhere.

Question....could this thing fall apart on me given that it was made in a"prairie" enviroment and it is going to a damp climate.

For the future...what glue do other "segmenters" use.

Any and all answers most appreciated.

To answer the obvious question....the six month old bowl had some other flaws that make it a "keeper".

Tom in Red Deer

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