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Haarbor Freight Truck lift arrives!

Bill Grumbine, Kutztown PA
>Good afternoon all

I am sitting here eating my lunch and reading the forums, and the big brown truck pulled in to leave what my daughter described as a "very large box". I have not hauled my lazy carcass up to see yet, but I suspect it is my Harbor Freight lift.

I am in the middle of some serious landscaping today - our neighbor gave us eight HUGE forsythia bushes, and we got them home this morning. The backhoe is coming later on to dif the trench to put them in. The one root ball weighed over 1000 lbs! How do I know that? It bent the axle on the trailer I was using. :(

But while I am waiting for the backhoe, I think I will assemble this thing. I have a maple log waiting for me that is 24" in diameter and 14' long. There is not a curl to be seen, but it still looks like some nice wood.


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