Turning Archive 2004

Fun Day in the ER

George@Colonel's Workshop-Havertown PA
>Good Evening Friends,

I haven't had nearly as much fun since I jointed off the tip to my right fore finger a dozen years ago. I was coring out a wet cherry bowl and leading with my left. I seem to see better that way. When the core popped out, the parting tool jumped to fill the void and my left wrist moved against the sharp circumference of the 11 inch bowl. I squirted A+ all over. The damage could have been worse, and I am glad I had the lathe at the slowest speed, and was not leaning against the tool heavily. Not withstanding, the bowl ripped the wrist deeply, and severed a portion of the tendon sheath--no damage to the tendon. It took only 4 stitches, rather than a protracted operation. I am very enthusiastic at how nice the bowl looks all covered with blood. I carefully wiped the bloody bowl to get an even color and tone. Lots of lessons learned on this project.


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