Turning Archive 2004

Still another dust collection system question

>I just bought a new style Delta 1 1/2 horse unit with a 1 micron bag on top and disposable bag on the bottom. The salesperson said he has designed alot of systems for people and he recommends building a manifold very near the dust collector. Instead of one or two main pipes going all around the room, you have a seperate pipe going the most direct route to each machine or station. Each pipe is connected to a seperate port on the manifold, with the blast gate for each pipe on the manifold. He claims you have far less pressure drop and fewer problems with leaks because only the pipe going to the machine your using is open...the rest are closed off right at the manifold. It really is no more expensive if you use plastic pipe because you have alot fewer fittings. The pipe itself is cheap. The main disadvantage is the manifold would have to be in a central location for ease of use.

Have you ever heard of this system? I haven't come across it in all my research but it makes sense. I'm about ready to do it unless you can think of our know of problems with this approach.

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