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Recommended Band Saw HBlade

George@Colonel's Workshop-Havertown PA
>Good Evening Friends,

Some days are better than others. Yesterday I was bandsawing blanks of wet cherry from logs chained sawn on the weekend and ruined two bandsaw blades when they caught in the blanks. The blades were crimped and bent, and could not be used again safely. My technique must have been pretty awful, obviously. I switched to a Timberwold 3/4" 4 tip band and finished the job, but the band was too hefty to cut circles of the desired radius. I got all the blanks cut, and there are a lot of flat spots around the circumferences. What band should I order for the next time? I had been using a new 1/2 inch Timberwolf, and a new 1/4 inch blade. Now I need to replace both of these and get one which will work on bowl blanks. What is recommended. Thanks.


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