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Oneway Grinding Wheel Balancer

>Another question for the class please?

I'm trying to use my brand new Oneway wheel balancer for my Delta 8" VS grinder. I seem to be lacking in interpreting the instructions...or perhaps the instructions are lacking? It might be common sense....but does the side of the Oneway hub with the balancing screws go towards the inside or the outside of the wheel when mounting it? When I turn them towards the motor something rubs. when I turn them out I can't put the "tool less" wingnut thingy back on. Has anybody used the balancers with this grinder? This particular grinder has the "tool less" wheel changing wing nut thingy's holding the wheel on and they interfere with the balancing screws Oneway hubs. Do I need to just buy two nuts to hold the wheels on now? Seems like Oneway would have foreseen this trend in grinders and provided two nuts. Also the machined washer that fits into the recess in the hub....doesn't sit flush because the threaded side of the hub sits just a bit proud in the recess? Do I need the washer? What is it for?

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