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Rating videos

>The thread re rating demos and demontrators is interesting and I don't want to burden it with OT questions. So a new thread.

I enjoy the videos of segments of demos from the AAW national symposia. How are the demos and the segment lengths selected? Often I wish I could see the entire demo. Some segments on the tape are of little interest to me at the moment, but very interesting later. I presume that every demo is taped in entirety and segments selected and edited by some panel. It would be nice to be able to buy a tape of any complete demo. By editing all extraneous dross out, the demos could probably be made 1/3 shorter. I doubt if such 'complete demo' tapes were available, attendance at symposia would be affected adversely.

Generally, videos get a 'market place and newsgroup opinion' rating by buyers and posters, but ratings re videos similar to the demonstrator ratings proposed in the other thread might be useful. It might be easier to accomplish this with videos and with less subjectivity as a first approach to the ratings game. At least, with tape evaluation and rating, the 'audience and facilities' side of the equation would be less important than with rating demonstrators.

Just a can opener for discussion. Please rate this idea kindly if it's poorly thought out. Arch

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