Turning Archive 2004

Since my shop blew away...

>...last week, I have been looking for an economical way to replace shop space, and make it a bit more weather friendly so I can turn regardless of the weather, especially with winter coming on. I was not looking forward to another winter of turning in 15 degree temps in a 10x10 open sided craft show tent. It makes for chatter marks whether you want them or not.


A friend of mine recently built 3 buildings of mini warehouse/storage units. Just for the hell of it, I asked what the largest unit he had was, and how much he would charge me for it.

I now have a 625 sq ft shop (25x25) for 100 dollars a month.

No power or lights, but he has no problem with my hanging a couple of 4' flourescent fixtures, and there are three duplex outdoor outlets within 50 feet of my unit, and I don't have any high draw machines...Jet 1442 lathe, Jet 1014 midi lathe, Reliant 14" bandsaw, 6" VS grinder for sharpening, and a coffee maker. I will be adding a small bench drill press and a small belt/disc sander soon, but those, too, are low amp tools. Since I am a one man show, no two tools will be in use at once (unless you count the constantly on coffee pot), so I don't forsee any electrical problems.

Anyone else see any problems with this setup that I am missing?


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