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Hollowing follow-up: *PIC*

David Hammond, in Powder Springs GA
>In a thread below I posted about my interest and recent experience in hollow forms. Mark Kauder let me know of an Al Basham tool he wasn't using, and I just received the tool today, for a very reasonable price.

I actually had to pick the package up out of the yard; the UPS man drove up today, and was greeted by our dogs - one is a large German Shepherd, who is really very sweet. But Brown didn't know that, so he put a plastic bag around the box, and tossed the package onto the lawn. :o)

I just finished cleaning up the tool, sharpening it, and robbing a big Ash handle off of a Texas Style Sorby gouge I no longer use. I plan on making a long, Cocobolo handle sometime in the near future, with a collet to accept any 5/8" tool I might use. But this will have to wait until a friend of mine with the cocobolo has some time to come and give me a hand.

Here's a picture of the tool, as I said I would try to get one posted. Thank again Mark, and to WC for linking me up with such great folks.

David Hammond
My Dad & Me, Inc.

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