Turning Archive 2004

Jet mini adjustment problem

Joe Pack
>I love everything about my Jet mini except for two things...the tailstock lock bar does not hold well and the banjo does not slide smoothly.

Unless I hammer the tailstock lock lever with the heel of my hand, the tailstock seems to slip easily. Then, it takes far more effort to unlock the lever than is reasonable.

Moving the banjo to the far left to make room for sanding is a push/slide/pull/push/slide/pull thing...not too much bother if doing it every now and then, but a royal pain doing it every three minutes when doing pen production turning.

I have played around with the tensioning adjustments on both, but have had trouble finding the "sweet spot" on both. I have read other posts on similar problems, but, short of replacing parts (available from a fellow at Sawmill Creek), I am not sure how to proceed.

Any ideas from experienced lathe operators?

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