Turning Archive 2004

Walnut Bowl Problems/Predestination

Barry Turner
>Does anyone believe in predestination as it relates to wood? Have
you ever considered that some bowl blanks may be predestined to be just firewood
while others may be headed for galleries? And it's our job as turners to figure out which is which?

You see, I have this nice Black Walnut bowl blank which I thought was absolutely
certain to become a nice walnut bowl and end up in a high-class gallery or at least a
craft shop. Well, it seems I don't know much about predestination, for it
seems in spite of my best efforts, this Black Walnut blank is hurtling
through time and space towards someone's fireplace.

Last week, I posted about problems I was having getting a smooth cut on the
outside of my bowl. Tonight, I was hollowing the inside and got a catch. The 2" foot
ripped right off the bowl and it went sailing across the shop. I glued the
foot back on and will try yet again to help this bowl reach its final destination in a
gallery/craft shop. Or, should I just fast-forward a few hours, accept fate for what it is
and toss this blank back into the firewood pile from which it came?

After all, who am I to tamper with destiny?


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