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Kelton Hollower dig in *LINK*

>I have been using this tool for some time now and it semms to dig in at the bottom of the vessel.
I use the teardrop scraper on a 3/4 rod from my old Jameison system. I had to have the bushings on the Kelton bored out to take the rod.
Anyway.......the other day I use it to finish and open faced natural edge piece to see if could figure it out. I still got a dig at the bottom about and inch from the center bottom.
I always place the cutter on center or slightly below.
My cutter is raked at maybe a 10 degree angle.

Should I raise the tip or maybe changed the angle
of the tip.?????

It works just fine on the rest of the wall.

In fact, I think I am going to use it from now on to put those last finishing cuts on scary natural edge's.
BTW per an earlier post......I use my bowl steady(oneway) a lot and really like it.I may change the wheels to a softer rubber. I have had to sand marks out.
Any help would be much appreciated.

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Kelton Hollower dig in *LINK*
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