Turning Archive 2004

Ivan took this one *PIC*

steve antonucci
>Went without power yesterday for about 10 hours (which is nothing compared to some of the other victims...)

Went out knowing that there needed to be coffee somewhere, and a tree (or two) available. There was an ant infested ash which caused the power outage across the main road, and the back road was blocked by this unfortunate white oak.

The crotch at the top of the tree is 26" across, and took an hour to free with my 14" Stihl. Once down, I devised a scheme to load my truck. I spent that hour dividing the crotch long ways, and then "levered it" into the truck from higher ground. The main leader at that point was 20", and all of it is too heavy to lift even after cutting.

The main trunk is 36"+ 5' up the trunk. Not sure how I'm going to get that into the truck yet...

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