Turning Archive 2004

Day Late and a Dollar hort - I hate It

Mark Kauder
>Every week I pick up the local classified newpaper (American Classifieds) - at Walmart, comes out on Thursdays. You never know what you will find for tools.

Of course this week I got it on Thursday, but forgot about it, and did not look at it until Saturday. Right on the front page (but not in the Tool section) there was a Craftsman 15" Drill Press for $75, not great, but a step up from my $99 truckload freight cheepie.

THEN, right next to it, is a Delta 14" BandSaw for $135!! Now, I have basically decided that my next big purchase will be a 17" bandsaw, but this would be a big step up from my 12" Craftsmand BS.

I rush to the phone, only to hear that they were both sold on Friday.

I consoled myself by saying the I an doing what I need to do with the tools I have right now, and it would have been a hard sell to my wife, since I had just been complaining about spending and the bills. The rational of "Well, Honey I can make most of the money back with I sell the ones I have now", would, as you used to say in the Army, have a maximum range of zero.

Oh well, that is my fish that got away story for today.


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