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Beginner Bowl Picture w/comparisons

Bill Grumbine, Kutztown PA
>Good afternoon all

Thanks for those who posted on my beginner bowl thread. Stuart asked, so below is a picture of said bowl, along with some of my others which I think have a somewhat nicer form, and were certainly easier to cut! The fact that one is white oak says something about that too.

Here is the monster beginner bowl. It is approximately 11" in diameter and about 5 1/2" high. It is walnut. Another thing that was tough about this bowl was finding a chunk of wood that I could use to make it! With nice curves, a smaller piece of wood can be used. Notice I have not troubled to set up my usual background.

This cherry bowl, while one of my simplest shapes, is much easier to cut and get a good surface right off the tool.

This one is a little fancier, but still, it was easier to cut, despite being rock hard and open grained.

I will answer other comments in the original thread.


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