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Ronny Eelen (Belgium)
>Just got my copy of the 500 Wood Bowls book from the mail man.
Thought I would mention it here, but then I looked/searched back and saw there has already been a thread on that. Must have missed it.
Anyway, I got mine now.
And since all I can do right now with woodturning is read about it, I'm happy.

We bought a house, so I had no time to turn. We moved into that house so now I have no room to turn. First I need to built me a new workshop.
The plan is to make one 6m x 4m, which is within the limits of not requiring an architect, but still needs a building permission from the local authority. I guess it will be another six months or so before it will be finished....
But then... my new lathe (which I already have) will start turning and turning and...

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Books, books, books
500 Wood Bowls
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